How much time does it take for you to write one episode?


I’ve just realized that I’ve been writing my first episode 20 hours a day for maybe 10 days, and I am not sure if I’ve spent too much time on it or not. It was about 25 minutes long (now I’ve shortened it). I don’t know, maybe it’s because it’s my first episode and I could spend the whole day figuring out how to work with this overlay for example. What about you?:slight_smile:


It takes me so long to write, usually. I guess it depends on how motivated I am for the episode: if I’m more excited I write it quicker, but certain things are just so time consuming. It’s always best to perfect your first episode, so I get why you are spending a lot of time on it. I had all of my ideas prepared, so I rushed through it and it came out cliche. I revamped it a few times, but even after like a year I’m still not 100% happy with it :joy: Every person is different, but putting more time and effort into it (especially the first episode) definitely pays off. Maybe don’t spend 20 hours a day on it though, you need your sleep :joy:


It can take me around 1 week if I work on one episode consistently but I have a life lol so it takes me around 2 or 3 weeks. :smile:


Thanks for sharing:) Well, as you’ve mentioned, it’s all about motivation so I didn’t really want to go to sleep unless I finish the certain scene, and even after that my thought was:” I need to go to sleep now so that I could wake up earlier and then go to writing.”:joy: I’ve got almost the same situation, after i’ve finally finished my first episode, I understood how much I don’t like certain things in it so I have to rewrite some scenes now :joy:


How long can your episode be?:slight_smile:


There’s no set limit. But most people like episodes to be 10 minutes long, and usually around 1000 lines.


It took me 2 weeks for one episode and i didn’t even publish the story.


So when I get an idea, I usually start on it straight away before I forget the idea. But I’m really careful to have only one active/ongoing story going at once so once I’ve written my idea out, I then totally ignore the story unless I get another idea. So I have had a couple episodes that have technically taken me 6 months to write.

But once that story becomes my main focus, I can write an episode in maybe a week and a half, depending on how free I am. My first story took me a lot longer because I didn’t know what I was doing but current active story I feel like I write an episode really quick because I know all the animations.


It takes me almost 2 3 weeks sometimes a month to complete one episode. I can only invest 2-3 hours a day after college and work and personal life. Sometimes I write all night long and sometimes I don’t feel like writing at all.


Mine is stuck in the 3rd episode its been more than two weeks since I started writing it…
But my others were completed in the duration of 2 weeks (both 1 and 2)…
So when you write consistently you will complete it faster then you think but when you have a life that we all do it takes a lot of time…
Well for me it does…


I normally do 2 chapters a day, and I’m working at 9am in the morning to 7pm with breaks when it’s the weekend and holidays.


For me it depends on how I feel and how motivated I am at the time too. it’s been pretty much 2 months since I last updated my story, but I’ve also been having issues with my comp so I can’t write much when it’s playing up :roll_eyes: so frustrating.