How not to make a charactere

let’s talk about what you don’t like with character personality and what you think them better

what makes you hate an mc. here is a few of them I don’t personally like

The rich girl as an mc
There is no problem in making a rich girl. both as mc. it is just so many makes her the wrong way. she always complains about hating her life. Let me makes this very clear. a rich person there complains over having to wear designer clothes and cant just wear H&M.she is not humble. she is a spoiled brat. and she is annoying to listen to. no one likes a person complaining over she has to wear clothes there cost more than your wardrobe.

if you wanna give a rich girl a good personality i recommend making them like Charlotte from princess and the frog

another one is. the diagnose
as an example lest use autism(cause I have that one). you say the mc has autism. finish done no more personalty for the mc. one thing is some people don’t even show she has the diagnosed. and another is not giving her one other than the diagnose. listen to autism is different from person to person. and the same goes for most diagnoses. giving her no personality expect the autism. is just as stupid who thin a character who comes late and are clumsy. are personalty. that is just cheaply written

do you have a character version you don’t like? please tell. and tell how you fell they can be made better

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I agree with both points. Realistically if a rich person complained to me about being rich, I’d happily offer to take all of their money.
The diagnosis serving in place of a personality is lazy writing, too. I have characters with literal personality disorders and they still have personality traits beyond that.

I’m also not a fan of side characters who have no life outside of the main character. I get how it can be easy to forget to flesh them out more, but it’s still possible. Have them mention things like relationships with other people, work, hobbies, etc. Maybe have them sometimes be too busy to help the main character with something, show up late, or have their own side conflicts. We don’t need their life story, but they should feel like actual people.