How often do you actually send fanmail?

Just curious. I’m kind of bad at it myself, I only tend to leave fanmail if I particularity like a story a lot. Since I’m so picky, that isn’t super often.

I wanna get in the habit of sending it more often, since I know it’s nice to get.

How often do you guys leave fanmail? Do you usually send actual questions, or just simple comments that you liked the story?


Not very often to be honest… I really should do it more often, especially for stories that don’t have a lot of reads.
I don’t personally leave questions since there’s no way of knowing if/when your question has been answered. I just leave things like “I absolutely love your story and can’t wait for more!”

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Surpringsly, I do it a lot. I never used to because, idk it felt kinda scary. But now I do it all the time.

I think once I started getting some of my own, I was like Wow, I can make people feel this good too by sending them fanmail, so I started leaving it every time a story had a scene, or plot or anything that basically wow’d me.


I don’t send fanmail, but I do share their story on my insta if I liked the story.

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I’ve never sent any fanmail… But I do have Instagram and follow all my favorite authors on there and basically send them fanmail through Insta :joy::joy:

I’ve sent fanmail a couple of times, but usually when I like a story a lot, I screenshot my favorite moments and put them on my Instagram story, then I tag the author.