How often do you add customisation?

How often do you allow the reader to customise their character and why?

is there a reason some authors only allow readers to customise a character on certain episodes?
does anyone allow readers to customise a character in each episode?
as a reader do you prefer to be able to customise a character in ever episode or only in a few episodes and if so why?

also how do you avoid characters picking a name that you have already used for other characters. I read a story once and I entered my name but on of the other characters had the same name… how do I avoid this for my readers…

If it’s full CC, I’ll only do it once. Sometimes I’ll do hair/lip CC once an episode, depending on what the MC is doing (going to sleep, going on a date etc)

It takes up a lot of script lines, which can be rather annoying. Hence why I said above that I only do it once. Sometimes they’ll also add an option to CC if there’s a new update with more hairstyles.

Yes, there are some authors who give this option at the start of every episode.

I personally don’t care about CC. I don’t like to make the MC look like me unless it’s a “YOU” story, and even then I still might not customize because the MC might say or do things that I don’t agree with.

You can have a message right before they enter the name letting the reader know which names to avoid.
That had happened to me before where someone had the same name as me and I ended up restarting the story because of it.

Honestly, I add it alot.
I don’t like controlling people’s lives. It’s just ugly and it’s not worth it.
I want the reader to feel like they are in another world filled with freedom.
A world where they can escape real life problems.
But one disadvantage is that it takes a lot of coding to do AND you basically can’t tell the reader the message behind this story because controlling the plot becomes a lot harder.
But, honestly, it’s up to you, the author.
When writing a story, it’s like sharing relatable feelings with the reader. That’s what I think fo it.
Hope this helps, Happy writing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :pizza:

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