How often should character's change clothes?

Hello I’m currently writing a story and I’m wondering how often I should change the character’s clothes. P.S special occasions could mean a party, beach, gym etc.

  • Every Day
  • Only During Special Occasions
  • Every Scene
  • Randomly
  • Other

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Night, Morning, & Afternoon?

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Whenever the plot requires it I guess? Different scenes don’t necessarily need it, but if they are going to bed/showering/next day etc they’ll need a new one, but it’s up to you if you want to give the reader the option to choose the outfit.


I’m with Lilly on this one. It really depends on you. You don’t have to have an outfit change every time something goes on. And it could also depend on the story to. For a quick example, I’m writing a high fantasy and a bunch of guys are hitting the road and traveling the world. They’re not gonna change outfits every day. Odds are, they’ll only have outfit changes for special occasions. And that can work for the story because it’s set in a world that’s more fantasy medieval in its concept and back then, people didn’t change every day.

If you just don’t feel like going through the tedious process of adding a million outfit changes to your story, then don’t! Your story isn’t gonna lack because of it. Do whatever makes you happy. :heart:


like when it fit. when do you change clothes.

when they go to work. they change to work clothes.
when they go to bed. pyjamas
wakeing up evryday clothes
party: party clothes.

I mean do you change clothes evry time you go to a new place.

If go with as much as you do.
Normally I get dressed then if I shower I change again and finally change into pajamas.


Definitely just depends on the story, especially if you have portal limitations at play because your story’s setting generally has less clothes available. I personally do like seeing “realistic” clothing changes if possible, meaning: clothing changes when one day passes into the next (there can easily be exceptions to this as Moon mentions), clothing changes when they’re going to a formal party or the beach or just any event where their normal outfit won’t do, whatever feels right for the story.