How often should I update my story?


My other story’s I pretty much updated 3 times a week as I was obsessed with writing lol :joy:

But as a mother I don’t want to be on my laptop all day like I was before haha

What do you prefer when reading a story?

Someone that updates in batches or someone that updates weekly Im thinking I want to release mine in batches like 5 at a time maybe

What are you thought on how long you would be willing to wait for a update :kiss::kiss:


Honestly, here’s my perspective as a READER:
I absolutely LOVE when authors update at LEAST once biweekly, hell, if they update 1x a week that’s even better!! If you update your story once every month, with only 1 chapter chances are i’ll stop reading your story because I like
consistent authors that update, ya know?
Now here’s my perspective as a WRITER:
As a writer, i’m OBSESSED with writing on episode. Like I can’t even go one day without writing, it’s an addiction & I have fun with it, HOWEVER i’m most likely going to updat 1x every 2 weeks ONLY because I write as I go, so I end up coming up with ideas in my head & I have to upload backgrounds, overlays, etc. So it’s harder for me to publish at the rate I want.
Simpler response:
With that being said, as long as you update 1x biweekly then there shouldn’t be an issue.


Thanks for your opinion hun :kiss: