How often you use Text Effects

How often do you use text effects and how do you use them sparingly?

I’ve used it to emphasize some words but I don’t want to do it to much as it would be annoying to use them every line of dialogue. I don’t use them every line, just to put emphasize some words.


Yes, I only use them for words which I want to hit deep, or words that have a really strong impact on the sentence or line of dialogue. I get quite annoyed if they’re used every single line or for stuff like, “hey, it’s good to see you again.”

I use it like 4-5 times maximum a chapter.

some authors like to color lines of dialogue for different characters with a specific color that represents them. I find that idea quite interesting :grin:

While personally I don’t use text effects that often, just to emphasize on key words sometimes :upside_down_face:

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I spam :grimacing:

Which I dont recommend

But I just like it :mask: & the story is talking abt actors, so I really need them to show emotion since LL animations rnt really

However I dont use distracting ones alot, Like animation effects.

& I only use bold, underline, red colour when needed.

-Also I do use colours for every Name/City/Title etc.

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I use them for one specific character and here and there but really rarerly. I used them more when I started writing. I was pointing out important fact and so. But I almost stopped to do that.

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I use them for deep/important stuff. like if my character is saying something like a clue or something readers will look back on, ill use an effect. sometimes i also use it for a comedic effect, just to give it emphasis.

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I use it in a lot of sentences with detailed description, but not in everyday speech unless it’s an argument or a sad scene.

I use text effects very sparingly. Generally, I use text effects to better express the character’s tone, such as bold or italic for emphasis and shaking for when a character is yelling. I rarely use color because there is no way that could translate over to speech.

I mostly use them because I bold and color nicknames.
Whenever I use the word Tempting (My story is called tempting)
When a character is yelling over from another room I bold it and add an animation
If there is something really important I will bold and color it red

I never use them :rofl:

I use them to put specific emphasis on a word if it’s needed/ part of a joke. In my eyes it’s used so that the reader knows that it’s something special, be it sarcasm (so they don’t take it too seriously), a double meaning (let them think about it a little), or for something that’s pretty significant

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