How old are you?



jk the entire royal fam pm chat know my real age, but before I told anyone they thought I was 30 :joy:


Lmao. My guess is 13-15 somewhere in there…


I don’t know how old people think I am.


most people here are anyway, I’m a week away from 15 but yeah I’m currently 14
I still don’t know why homeboi Finn thought I was 36 but it’s ehh


Lmao, you know he was only more than 20 years off… that’s not much at all… :joy: :joy:


I am 16 turning 17 in about two weeks!
I hate when people say.
“You look like your mom/dad!”
Smiles crazy
“You’re So tall!”
Tries not to say something…
“Bitch it’s called height Get. It. Straight.”


started playing episode at 9 now I’m 13 anyone shocked😝


nope cause same here


I started when I was eight… When episode was a little baby like me.


I started playing episode at 13 lol im around 13-16 not saying my actual age but on my bday i may


I’m 13
everyone on the forums who has interacted with me drops dead of shock
yeeeeaaa nobody really guesses that lmao










:ghost: hello


hAI lol


15 pairs of eyes :eyes: (16 now)


wait 17




And a cute little ghost :ghost: