How old did you start your first romantic relationship

  1. We dated for a week then broke up lmaoo.

I was 17 when I was dating a freshman :rofl::rofl: but he cheat on me on the same day I broke up with him on the same day but I’m 23 year now I’m happy to be single :pray::hugs:

14, im older now & we’re not together lol

I was 15 and he was 18
Now I’m 20 and we are still together :two_hearts:

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I was 10
I know I was a KID but it was a silly old childish love
Plus me and the guy were best friends before we started dating
It lasted around 6 months

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15 but he was a jerk now im 16 and iv been with a guy for 6 moths and counting

My first romantic relationship was at the age of 19. Natalie was her name and she was 16, and we met in a Star Trek club in school. Go ahead, roll your eyes, I’ll wait.

How old was I when I was first interested in girls romantically? 9.
Why the lost decade?
I was painfully shy for many years, (made worse by my mother’s death at a young age) and oblivious for many more after that.
Seems I missed out on loads of opportunities because I didn’t understand what was happening. To this day, I just don’t get flirting. I usually find out long after the fact. Sometimes never. Someone would have to be really really obvious for me to understand that she’s interested in me that way, and not “just being nice”.
Fortunately, my best friend Rachelle, (we met in the Dungeons & Dragons club in high school) who had already known me for a dozen years, made sure that she was blunt, to the point, and very specific when she seduced me the first time. Even now that we’ve been married for 22 years, she signals when she wants to have sex with me by asking me, “Do you want to have sex?” Because I’m thick as a brick.

me calling a boy named kyle my, “boyfriend” during valentines day in second grade. ON ACCIDENT. dude didn’t get the memo, and hugged me when i moved😭

i accidentally did it multiple times. during school i did it so much, and then at home in front of my parents once. i only noticed then, but thank god my parents didn’t notice💀

oh, and i had a huge crush on these twins boys in my class.

and this girl named sara. i didn’t realize until third grade when i found the year book. i also found out more about the lgbtq+ community.


bruh this thread called me single asf

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