How old do you think you should be to use episode?


Hi guys, KACY again! This week I have been thinking about discussing with people how old should you be to use episode!?

I personally think you should be 12 or 14 years old!

What do you think? Tell me your thoughts down below!:arrow_double_down:

Thanks, KACY


At least 11 and up. There are very innocent stories preview in the front. And the rules state no overly sexual content and adult words should be very very minimal. So, 11 and up sounds good.


Is your question about the lower or the upper border of age limits of episode users? :slight_smile:


I reckon 13 and up :crossed_fingers:t3:


Most parents say 18+ and honestly, I kind of agree. Most stories I would definitely not want my 11-year-old sister to read. Esspecially stories on the trending section.


Honestly, if Episode did a complete revamp of the User Stories section, I would be completely down with its current 12+ rating. Episode certainly has good User Stories, but the ones they display tend to be the worst examples. Users should open the app to find perfectly PG or PG13+ stories (PG13+ should be a little more hidden) . And some of the stories on the User Stories section are straight up R. That should not be the first thing they see.


I’m satisfied with 13+ limit.

But I’d let my even younger kids to read stories, but they don’t understand English enough.


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I’m pretty sure it depends on the kid. I personally would give a 7 year old the app, if I knew the story was entertaining and appropriate. However, if I was going to just hand a child a phone, I would want them at least 12+


Most stories on here are pretty harmless and they may not show nudity, however I have read some stories that have scenes where my jaw hit the floor. I would say AT LEAST 14+


I agree with your opinion!


Oh boy, get ready for an essay.

I remember installing the app before the Path to Fame came out. No idea how long ago that was, I just remember being very surprised with the INK style (which is now my favorite). I was under 13 at that time, but didn’t think anything of it because I was exposed to swearing and the internet already.

Back then, I never really read user stories, and if I did they were contest winners because I wasn’t sure how to use the app. When I turned 13 I really wanted to write stories so I read more user stories. Never thought anything of the swearing or dirty jokes because I was already used to it.

Seeing as how “advanced” this generation is with like 8 year-olds having a cellphone and playing GTA or whatever, they’re already exposed to too much. A lot of stories on here I don’t see a problem with a 12 year-old reading or even an 11 year-old. I would never want a young child to read stories on here. I know Episode has gotten better with filtering out bad stories.

I personally think it would be okay seeing an 11 year-old reading Episode (though not writing because that’s against the rules) as long as they have supervision. Same with all things that are 13+. My family would never let me play M rated video games unless they played it first, same with movies.


most of the featured, episode-made stories are appropriate for a 13 year old. If it was 15 and up or even 14 up I feel a lot of stories would be babyish for them. (the official stories at least)

I say 13 and up is good, though age doesn’t always define maturity.


Good opinion


I let my little sister read stories, she’s 12. But if it says it includes swearing & it’s for 16 and up like it has a age restriction on it then I won’t let her read it. I honestly think you should choose your age when you start, and when you release stories you do the age limit for it. And if your 13 but the story is for 16+ they won’t be able to see it/read itb


That’s a great opinion! I like it!


I think 12 is a good age, I started Episode at 12 and enjoyed the story Party Girls


Episode is meant for 13+ readers, yes, there are some stories that maybe go to ages 15-17+ (which is not that good but they actually can be okay and not violate content guidelines)

There are already bunch of 13 years olds around they can’t just suddenly get it up to 16+ or something like that and tell them to go away.

I’m not 13, but if I was, I know it would be pretty annoying if they just suddenly made Episode be for more than that.

And Episode always say they are 13 and up not 12, a few people here said that, but it’s 13.

I think the rules Episode built are okay and everything that is in the content guidelines and the 13 and up age limit and the 5 times f word (which is sorta strange but I guess it’s okay) and all those things.

Keep it 13+ if I want to see more “mature” themes I’ll watch actual movies, this is Episode.


omg that story was so good