How old were you when you started WRITING on Episode?


I started writing nearly 2 years ago when I was 12. :sweat_smile:


I started January of 2016, making me… 12. Yep!


I began a little over two years ago, around February 2016, I was sixteen back then.


I guess it depend on what you mean by write. I started to write i was like 11, 12 but didn’t actually publish a story until i was 13


Wait a minute, mobile creation wasn’t invented 5 years ago…


Ik but I started writing characters and such five years ago


I never actually started writing
mobile creations came out.


Oh, ok. I apologize.


no it’s cool. I just didn’t explain correctly


I started writing around the age of 13-14ish. I’m 16 now.


Thanks . I stopped reading on episode for a while when I found out you had to be a certain age, But I still continued to write on episode interactive because of my love for writing. I recently just started reading episode again last year when they changed the age range to 12+


I also started from 12. Now I’m 13


I started writing when I was 13

never really published though


same. I started when I was 12 now i’m 14


I was 14, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.


I was fourteen. I’ve never published it, though.


I was 13 and Now I’m 15 :slightly_smiling_face:


Look at you, following all the rules. So proud.


Start writing now at 16
Wow I’m feeling old…


Just a heads up, the age requirement is still 13+.

from the FAQ on the Writer Portal website: