How realistic is to realistic ❓

So I know when something looks too real episode will disapprove your cover because they think it is a real person. So is there ways that it can be realistic but in a way episode can tell its not real? Any help?


I mean, I think covers that were drawn or edited to look realistic is fine.

However, Episode can probably tell if it’s real if you take an image of people or an actual person right out of Google, or any other sources.

They’ll probably disapprove these (Unsure though about the first one, but the second one might be an automatic reject)

(This is a Google photo btw, idk who this even is lol)


Furthermore, I think these would be fine:

Story: The Teacher

Story: Jaded Heart


They reject covers that are of real people,–like celebrities or are copyrighted materials. If you want to use a picture for a cover, get it from a royalty free site like,, . You can always edit and add filters to them (such as oil painting, cartoon, etc) to give a photo a ‘painted’ or drawn look.

You can also go to an art shop and request a cover.

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