How should I adress suicide in a book

So, unfortunately, and sadly the main character in my book will be trying to take her life at some point. I read through the episode guidelines and it says as long as your not promoting it. I would NOT be promoting it in any way shape or form. Actually, this whole book is about a girl who finds someones and teaches her that she is, indeed, cared for. I just dont know how to do the scene. I have reviewed some books that state it and the most I’ve seen is someone using pills. I just- don’t know how to do the scene and if your going to give me any form of joke about a scene you can get off this thread, because this is a serious topic, and a serious question. If you, yourself are suffering with depression and you ever need someone to talk to I am always available and you can always call 1-800-273-8255 if you are thinking of ending your life. You are cared for, like Celeste in my book.


I mean if your book/story is about a girl that helps someone prevent others from suicide I would say yes.

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I mean as long as u don’t go in depth and show it happening happening u should be good…like show a short clip of her wherever doing what …she will be doing. Transition it and go on to a different background


you know this an obvious thing to to but try to find connotations for certain words

Like the words childish, childlike and youthful have the same denotative, but different connotative , meanings.

So like Childish and childlike have like a negative connotation because when you think of them you think of…that person being immature and when you think of youthful you think something more positive so something like…that a person is lively and energetic.

Another example the word home which is just; a name of structure, but the word has connotation of a nation, a place of warmth, comfort, and affection.


The Episode guidelines to my understanding simply do not want you to give details about suicide. You can allude to it, and have characters talk about it, but do not show it or have details about how it occurred. Takes notes on what NOT to do from Thirteen Reasons Why. Depicting a suicide is extremely triggering (and the topic itself can be very triggering so I would recommend a content warning in your story) and should be avoided. Also, if you’re doing research on this topic, take good care of yourself. Even if you are in a mentally positive place, it can really take a toll on you so be sure to check in with yourself and make sure you are always ok and comfortable while you are writing and planning this story.


Trigger warning:i tried to keep it…subtle

If its an attempt and someones home and MC does it

Have her go to the bathroom lock the door maybe run the bath(as a distraction for ppl complaning) and look at the pills in contemplation
…then have a cut scene of her parents/or someone who cares for her check on her(cuz the waters been on for a long time) then calling the hospital(make these scenes dialougeless and only focus on the mom and phone) cut again to the hospital with MC sitting in bed just awaking

If its an attempt and no ones home

Have the MC look at the pills in contemplation…write a note and reflect on her choice…maybe a small thing like her best friend saying hi to her stops her choice…maybe beliving no one cares and ppl are better without her but she doesnt have courage to do it…or if she does it she wakes in the hospital groggy and next to the ppl who care for her and guilt sets in believing shes not worth the time.

Hopefully u find this useful…if not ill delete it. If its too heavy ill pm to u if u want

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As @EpisodeMichelle stated, it is strongly recommended you don’t show any scenes that depict suicide. I understand you know it’s an extremely triggering topic, and I don’t personally believe it’s a good topic for a story, especially for the writer and the readers wellbeing. Don’t be graphic in details about how it happened. I wouldn’t recommend writing about her attempting suicide. Maybe subtly allude to what had happened in an after scene?

Make sure you look after yourself too! And if you have any questions about this, the BEST place to ask is the support team. Send them a ticket about what the guidelines state and how you should approach this topic. They can help more than any of us really can.

Good luck!


What I will be doing is giving a trigger warning and probably the option to skip over certain parts, so readers can still enjoy it. The story revolves around this one girl and her near death is an important part, but like you said it definitely is triggering and I don’t really agree with 13 reasons why at ALL wayyyyy too graphic and it gives people ideas. I will NOT really be showing her dying more like the before and after. Kinda like you and Michelle said.


I think I will be doing something similar to this. I think I will probably show the note, then her being in the hospital.


Alright. Hope i helped

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