How should I do the point system with this plot?

Hey guys! You’ve probably seen me post on two other topics where I asked for feedback on title, description, and plot stuff. I’ve got great feedback on those, so thank you to those who responded before and if you haven’t, you are still able to! But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. So I’m planning to use the points system in this story, but I’m not sure how to approach it (like what kind of points I should do- all i know is that they would matter a lot, ex. career, dream points)

I was planning to do a “Performance” points where people have to choose certain outfits that will impress people, or playing mini games where they can earn this kind of point. So, I need your guy’s feedback on if this is appealing/ what I should do with it to make it more interesting and more fun. I also don’t wanna do just one category of performance if I end up doing it, so I also need suggestions on a second/third category for the points.

Here is the plot if you didn’t see it.


The MC is a “traveling around the world” actress, and like her dream is to be filmed in many different kinds of films in many different places (that’s a given). In the present day, she has been currently living in LA and working on a romance film this time, but then the director last minute called her to say that the film is going to New York so they need to travel there. Then because the MC is the main female role and there is a main male role, originally they did have a guy who could play the role, but then all of a sudden, the guy had a reason and so he couldn’t film his part anymore. That caused a problem for the director and the MC because they need to hurry to find a replacement. This is when the LI is introduced but the LI is already occupied with his business but he still agreed to do it as he has a hidden talent of acting and he is in New York anyway. (basically he is balancing two different celebrity worlds but most people don’t know he can act) Basically two celebrities meet in trying to create a romance film and to slowly get used to each other. Something important to note of is that the LI realizes his attraction first but both of them had no idea (especially the MC who just thinks it’s from the act)

Thank you everyone for your feedback!! I know I’ve been appearing probably a lot lately, but I really appreciate each one of your feedbacks as I’m revamping and I want to make this an even better story! ~ :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Maybe you can gain romance points for the male? Like once the LI reaches a certain point level then he has the confidence to ask the MC out? So the reader would be playing for both characters? So if the male plays the part very well the reader gains a point… which can be a mini game! The director briefly describes the scene and when they act the male has to give the lines out… so it seems like its real… but the MC thinks its acting… then if the MC likes the response the male will gain points… idk… if you want to PM me then please do… i cant explain it all

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Ooh that sounds interesting actually!

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I would like a story when we can mess up relations with LI. I’m sick of choices that don’t really matter, because whatever I choose MC will end up happy with whoever she wants to.
I really want to story with a possible “bad ending”. Or at least a possibility to be single or something like this :thinking:
I was trying to do this in my story but my language skills are the barrier :disappointed_relieved:

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Yes, I also agree with your idea of having bad and good endings. I was actually sort of planning that out too :slight_smile:

If you need any help with your language skills, I might possibly be able to help you so you can let me know if you want :blush:

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