How should I do this?!?

I’m writing a story and I wanna go for a slow burn romance BUT the LI is in a relationship (not toxic and the girlfriend isn’t “evil”) They break up because of differences. (also need help with that)When should I have the MC and LI show feelings for each other and how should I go about it?
Any feedback is welcome! :blob_hearts:
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You mentioned that you want a slow burn romance. Well there you go, I would imagine a story like this would have a little drama in it in order for it to make sense why the LI and his/her girlfriend broke up. For example, let’s say the girlfriend of the LI is starting to loose feelings or someone is catching feelings for her and she is trying to keep it from her boyfriend/gf (the LI). Let’s say her doesn’t end up trusting her because he/she thinks she’s being unfaithful and starts noticing other people. This part would take up a good portion of a story because 1) it fills in any gaps you would have in your story and 2)It would make sense to why they would break up. But that’s just one example. I wouldn’t focus too much on their romance because its not about them correct?

~what I would do is make 1/4 of your story about the relationship between the LI and his/her girlfriend dating and then realizing that she’s been noticed by others. Then a breakup.

~The 2/4 would be where the Li and MC are friends and hanging out because they have free time but they’re unfortunately start noticing strange attractions towards each other…

~The 3/4 is when the ex gf realizes she was a fool and try winning him back, but since she’s not an “evil” type of a girl she just try to “re-shoot her shot” then goes about her way… But this is when they admit to themselves that they have feelings for each other, and then admit it to each other.

~Lastly 4/4 is when they get together and have a happily ever after (or however you planned your story)

Boom story complete. Bu-dum-ching.

This sounds very cliche, but hopefully this gave you an idea to avoid what I said :joy: or unless your going for that, then by all means happy writing :relaxed:


Thank you! :black_heart:

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Maybe you can have the LI going to the MC for advice to get back there ex but during there time he starts to develop feelings?


Anytime :blob_hearts:

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:eyes: ooh that’s a good idea!


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