How should I end my chapter

So the thing is I’m almost done with my latest episode to my story. But I don’t know if I should make up some interesting cliffhanger… I suck at making those btw

Or should I just end the chapter somewhere that is not interesting and nothing special happened?

I’m just so unclear on how I should end it.

It right now has the two main characters finishing off a job and then they’re gonna go back to their headquarters to fill out a report of the job they did. And I feel like that’s a boring way to end it but I have no other ideas.

Any ideas from anyone??


I usually end my story with a cliffhanger. That way many people are interested in reading more. Often I really don’t know how to end a chapter either, so sometimes I make a dramatic ending😂 You know, like a new person coming in or something. But I don’t know, that’s what I like to do. Hope you figure it out❤️ Btw, if you wanna check out my story it’s called «Better Than Ever» by Miranda😝

Thanks. I really can’t come up with a way to make it dramatic… it’s so hard to come up with something that’ll make people want more. But maybe at some point I’ll figure out

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Maybe it’s just me and my short attention span, but I feel like an interesting ending to an episode is very important when making Episode stories. With an Episode story, you have to keep your readers buying into the next episode (unlike with a book, where they already bought the entire book).

It doesn’t need to be a fake cliffhanger that will seem cheap, just a little something to get your readers to think that the story isn’t finished and make them want to come back haha. Maybe have the characters talk about the big problem in the story, or mention what they’re going to do next or something. :thinking:

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I know, I struggle with it too. Hope you figure it out though😀

Yeah of course no fake cliffhangers but like every time I come up with one I realize no it’s not good enough or intersting enough or something. And when I think of a good one I think more of it and I’m like no that’d be stupid.

Like I had a plan of making them hear footsteps and then end it there. But then I was like but what happens after that in the next chapter. Do they runaway or do they just finish off the person who’s coming.

But then I’m like ‘‘if they runaway the person coming is gonna see what they did, and then that’s gonna be bad and idk how I’m gonna write that out.’’ or ‘‘if they finish the person off then what. Cuz the person was sort of a big deal. Or like in the plot it’s a CEO of a company, and if they finish that person off, everyone is gonna know the CEO is dead, then how am I supposed to write that out.’’

And this is just killing me

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