How should I make my character act?

I know it sounds like an odd question but let me explain.

So my MC has just gotten out of a very serious relationship (like they were engaged and all) and they’re obviously very upset about it. I want to show them having trust issues because of what the person did to her (disappeared without a trace on their wedding night and then turned up a week later on their honeymoon with another). So basically what I’m asking is how to show her feeling these trust issues without sound really cliche?

Like where the MC is like “OMG! He broke my heart now I have a heart of steel that no one can break!” type thing.

I’d love to hear your opinion! :two_hearts:

okokok have the MC be strong willed but to still have trust issues with people.
if this makes sense.

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Yeah it does thanks :slight_smile:

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Well when the MC is approached by other guys she would probably be distant and cold towards them. She’d be hesitant to open up to them and let them get close to her. She’d keep to herself for the most part.

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I’d make it so shes not standoffish to every guy who comes her way but keep them at “arms length”, or have “walls up” if one flirts with her, perhaps be sassy or classy when letting them down
I’d also use with everyone around her:

insert sad story
I had a fiance who up and left me, with just a “I’m sorry” text, for the longest time I kept everyone in my life at arms length, if my own fiance left me, who’s to say that my friends and family wouldn’t? Who’s to say they didn’t have their own selfish needs? Who could I trust if not my own fiance?

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I love it!

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