How should I start episode 1?

The first episode is basically when Ezra, a very interesting and unique person who doesn’t give a care in the world, gets seated with the golden boy of school, Connor. His grades are fine, and he’s not a billionare, I mean, he’s wealthy, but not Kim Kardashian levels of wealthy, really the attractive thing about him is that he’s, well, attractive. Basically, she never really cared a lot about him, she knew about him, but she never obsessed over him or anything, and then one day in school, the teacher sits her next to him, and she finds out what an odd and awkward person Connor actually is.

I already know what’s gonna happen in the middle of the episode, but how should I start it.

Here are the characters :v




(There are more characters but those are the ones that I need help on (for the start of the ep)

You said she’s a like a rebel right; so maybe she can get in trouble for something like a prank in one of her classes and maybe like a last straw; her teacher can switch her into his class? Maybe they can influence each other’s personally? She can open Conner up more and Conner can teach her to invite people?

I don’t know to be honest lol… but your story sounds interesting!

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