How should i start my new epi story?

okay so i’m struggling with deciding what to do for an opening scene. i’ve seen plenty of stories start straight off the back with customization (after the warning, chapter name, and episode title). some stories show an event that happened in the past and then lead up to it. then some just start from the very beginning. and of course, there are stories that give a backstory of the mc’s life and then start the story. what should i do? idk if i should make a poll on this or not, but please give me your ideas! thanks <3

You should come up with a little twist that makes your story different from the rest. Maybe slightly foreshadowing, if you’re doing a dramatic story, or start in the present if it’s a comedy? I like it when CC comes first, though, so it gets out the way, if you’re planning on adding that aspect to your story. :wink:

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