How should I start my new story?

Okay, I’m writing a romance book that has to do with stars… Any ideas on how to start it? I’m out.

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I’m sorry, what does MC mean?

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MC means “main character”. :slight_smile:


Ah, thank you!

Yea it’s a starry background, and the main character’s name is Stella, meaning star.

So, how should I start my story?

This is kind of overused but if you have a cover art, right after it put a chapter number and name and start with Stella waking up to an alarm? I don’t know, just an idea, haha.

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I don’t have cover art, sadly. But that’s a good idea. :sweat_smile:

:frowning: Me neither, hehe. You could ask on Episode for someone to help you make one.


The mc could have this dream where she’s somewhere in space, (doing some unknown action which I haven’t come up with yet), but then wakes up to the reality of life by the all horrendous alarm clock?

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That’s pretty cool, I could try that.

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Thank you!

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Np! Glad to know it gave you an idea. :kissing_heart:


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a story about stars? :thinking:


Like I want to help but I need more details :sweat_smile:

OH, sorry, want the description?

yeah, if you don’t mind

Okay, but DON’T steal my ideas.