How should I start my new story?

yeah, if you don’t mind

Okay, but DON’T steal my ideas.

Don’t worry

You, the STAR soccer player, broke down. While stargazing, you met a guy with the same history. Is your love written in the stars? What could possibly happen? Right?

I already started on the beginning, but I could totally use some ideas for the rest of the story.

Do you have already in mind how it ends? It’s always good to know where the story is going before writing it.

No, I don’t

I would recommend to take a notebook put everything that comes in your mind and then tie it together. Start listing major events that will keep the reader reading your story, then write down multiple endings. After that see which endings much better the events your wrote down

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I just write as I go, lol. I really don’t know how to end anything… :joy:

[main character] is one of the best soccer players around the world but one day in a match she brake her leg and end up in the hospital. When she got up the doctor told her she wouldn’t be able to play soccer anymore. She starts working at a shelter and each night she goes in a place and watch the start and think about past, until she meet a boy…

That’s a part of the idea, if you wanna use you can :slightly_smiling_face: if you like it, I can write more(like the end)

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Bit late on this, but depending on any sub-genres and the like, you could have the main character doing their everyday things but then later on at night go to a hill or something and look at the stars.
You could quickly write your MC (main character) meeting their boo but not revealing them and instead jumping back to earlier in the day and playing it out as such.

Not much but a start.

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How come everyone is so much better at story ideas then I am…? :sob:

It just takes a moment to think and start to pull stuff out of thin air. But generally when writing a story, you first come up with the story line rather than the main idea. If that makes sense.
For example, when writing Twilight, the author wasn’t really thinking ‘vampire-human sexy times’, but rather ‘a young girl meets her destined boyfriend at the highschool they coincidentally both attend after she moves back to her old town-he happens to be a blood sucking vampire (wOOhOOOoOooOooO)’. It’s more so ‘plotline’ before ‘main idea’ or ‘central theme’.
It’s a lot more easier if you think of it in that way.
Besides, it does take writing a lot before you start to improve so… yeah.

Lecture over lol

Wise words from a wise person :smile:

Oh sssssstap it!



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So relatable :joy::joy:

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