"How Should I Start My Story"

Hey guys I need some feedback on how I should start my story.

Description: Elanie is scientist for SEW, When she builds a time machine, she accidentally presses the button to go back to 1969, next thing you know, she is a person named Angie a speech activist. Will she change the world for the better or the worst?

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before you actually start your story I would start by writing down every idea you have for chapter 1 if you haven’t already… make sure you have plots, twists, and turns planned! create your characters, make sure your (extra) backgrounds and overlays are ready if you’re using some, along with your covers if someone else is making them for you, etc.

once you start chapter 1. i would create a narration, talking about the MC’s life, what she does for a living, what collge she went to, how old she is, where she lives, etc. Then after introducing that and possibly some other characters you could have her go to work for a few days or so, maybe have her stay up all night from working on an experiement then the next day at work she presses the wrong button from being exhausted… once she gets to 1969, thats when the stories going to really start.

I would research lots of information about how things were back then to be able to talk, act, and live like they did. you dont want to jump straight in, by having her go back into time right off the bat so I would have other stuff planned beforehand but this is all my opinion, i think it sounds like an amazing story and I’m definietly reading it once its released! i cant wait to see what you come up with.


That’s the thing I did all the research of PRIDE back then, how they acted, who had higher power, the business industry for women back then, I wrote all of my notes. But I liked how you stated she was exhausted I’m going to try that.


okay!! :relaxed:

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Hey do you think something like this?

Working on her project

Next morning talking to someone but she is tired.

Then Repeat


I’ve finally finished.

Then she yawns and hits the button?

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that sounds really good. do you think her living in an apartment or house with a friend is a good idea? that way it would make sense for someone to be there at all times for her to talk to so you wouldnt have to involve visits and phone calls.

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Living with a friend is a great idea!! Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Time to write more notes about her friend,

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lol I’m so happy i could help. lmk if you have any more ideas you’d like to share!!

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I mean as long as it isn’t super boring. Just make it exciting enough for the reader to come back for another episode. Because me personally when there is a long boring introduction I immediately leave or I skip through it all. In my opinion you should try and work in everything naturally but it’s your choice. Some people like that thorough examination/ narration of someone’s life, I just personally dont

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I hate narration as well. That’s why I have advanced directing and my sentences are checked by QuillBot to make sure my sentence is on point. It will surely have enough excitement to have the reading coming back.

Well that’s good! Yeah narration really makes me dislike a story

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Oooooooh I am thinking of scenes it sounds so good I got my art juice flowing. :scream::joy::1st_place_medal::sweat_smile:

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