How Should I Write Toxic Characters?

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys have tips on writing toxic characters? One of my mc’s best friends is toxic and I wanna make sure I’m depicting their relationship properly. I haven’t really experienced any toxic friendships yet so it would be great if some of you guys could give me advice on writing a toxic friend.

Maybe the friend would subtly boss the mc around, manipulate her, and always get what she wanted.

Hm, I see. Could you give a few examples?

The mc might be busy one day, and the friend knows that, but she says let’s go hang out. The mc tells her friend that she’s busy, but the friend might threaten to expose one of her secrets.

By the way, I don’t personally have any experience in toxic relationships.

Oh okay, thank you!

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I’ve had to deal with toxic friends.

For example, my ex best friend would always ft me everyday no matter what.

The only days she wouldn’t bother me would be Mondays and Saturdays. She would also get very jealous when I’d hangout with other people. I remember we would get into so many fights for no reason. If there was a reason it was me over thinking our friendship or something else.

Long story short, she be some very obsessive over me. She made sure we would hangout each time we had for school. We’d walk to school together, go tot he mall together, go to school dancer together. We’d do homework together, I’d do her homework for her.

When dealing with these toxic people you don’t realize it. You think it is their way of showing love. But once I realized I wasn’t happy with myself I had to end our 4 year of friendship. It was hard but I’m very happy now. Although we do talk sometimes but she’s blocked.

Hopefully this helped!

Edit: Although we ended things we never had out closure. Which sucks but :woman_shrugging:t2: she now has her group of friends and I have mine which are mutual. We shared awesome times too!

Thank you so much! It did <3

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No problem!

The friend would always try to think of everything as a competition, for example:

Mc- I’m so tired, I only had like 4 hours of sleep last night.

Friend- Yeh, well I only had 2 hours!

The friend would only talk to the mc when it benefits them

The friend would lie about everythinggg

The friend would never be happy for the mc

The friend would think she can never do anything wrong

The friend would love to start arguments for no reason and the mc would be the one to apologize as the friend would twist it all on her

The friend would bring in stuff from the past, say the mc made a mistake a few years ago- the friend would bring it up constantly.

The friend would talk about the mc behind her back to her other friends

The friend would try to control the mc, telling her who she can and cant hang out with etc.

The friend would try to get the mc to buy her unnecessary things.

The friend would make fun of the mc’s fears and mental health issues (if she has any)

The friend would try to make mc mad so she can blame stuff on her

The friend would try to turn people against her

The friend would remember everything you ever did so she could use it against the mc

The mc would be oblivious to the toxic-ness, she might bring up how she doesn’t like how the friend treats her but the friend turns it all around and the mc won’t bring it up again because she doesn’t want to loose their friendship.

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I had a toxic friend once and she constantly guilt tripped me into doing stuff for her, like if I were to hang out with someone else she’d try and convince me to hang out with her instead and say that I never hung out with her and that I secretly hated her but I’m too nice to say it. I eventually cut ties with her because she moved from guilt tripping to controlling and being obsessive over me by degrading me and laughing at my problems. even when we had our “closure” she twisted the whole argument and even got her mum to pull up next to me whilst I was walking to school and basically tell me that I upset her daughter and “shouldn’t have done it” whilst she sat there and cried.


did we have the same toxic friend :joy::new_moon_with_face:

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Thank you vv much! This was rly helpful <3 also i hope you’ve cut ties with ur toxic friend

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Glad i could help!

And yes i have.

im out of friends now tho but i’m my own best friend :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

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Oh, we can be friends if you’d like! And I would say having no friends is etter than having toxic friends tbh

Warning: Im kinda awkward :confused:

Yesss i would love that.

dont worry sis i’m awkward too :pensive::new_moon_with_face:

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Maybe have them sound jealous all the time? Or always judging your every move

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You could also make it so the friend never lets the MC be better than her and the friend is never truly happy for the mc if something good happens in the Mc’s life

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Well… Usually episode authors make “the toxic” friend so obvious and it’s annoying a toxic friend needs to be introduced slowly because then it just shows the Main character is blind the perfect way to portray a toxic friend in my opinion is to let her be toxic from time to time up until a breaking point where she just turns mean

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Hmm, but what if I like show the toxic friend being toxic most of the time but the mc blaming herself for their fights and stuff? would that be inaccurate? bc thats what i’m planning on doing.

That’s a trait a toxic friend has which is manipulation that would absolutely make sense and yes she should be toxic most of the time but she’s gotta be a “friend” from time to time because then it’ll just look like a “basic episode story”

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