How should my Main Character (MC) meet her love interest

So I’m writing a story but I can’t think of any unique ways my MC can meet her love interest. So does anyone have any suggestions/ideas?

Whats ur MCs personality(and ur LI)

my MC is funny, selfless and somewhat sassy

the love interest is confident but really closed off

Their hobbies?
Whats the type of relationship ur going for?

the story description: People come and leave and never come back. But when Lars comes into Elle’s life, will he leave her?

Probably the MC runs into the guy at a bakery and hears him saying he hates cherries. Sassy MC, a cherry lover, ends up arguing with him :upside_down_face::joy::joy::trophy::trophy:

Lol sorry I couldn’t help myself…

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My MC actually works at a cafe/bakery :joy:

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They could have already met indirectly…watching each other from afar(not in a love at first sight way but a “they have an intresting prescence and im curious thing”)

All you would need is an oppritunity for one to talk to the other.

Maybe have the MC overhear ppl in the backround talking about the LIs likes(in addition to rumors) then the MC(and reader) would have to attention to the LI in the backround(or random scenes) and actually approach each other when the times right.

Example: Girl A: i heard tht LI likes Muffins
Girl B: i heard he killed a guy
Girl C: i saw him outside holding(insert MCs book choice)

Then when the MC sees him she can have a choice of
A. Getting a muffin from her work and bringing it to the LI(late night slow buissness perfect icebreaker)
B.watching him close cuz she heard he killed someone(and noticing how often he frequents the bakery/cafe)
C.see him pull out her favorite book and discuss it with him(or try to) if they have a rude meet during this a muffin apology the next day

Edit:ik its long hopefully its understandable

Thank you sm for this idea. I will considered it

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Hope it was kinda useful.

trust me it was

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Instead of saying “and and and” do this instead:

“People come, leave and never come back.”

It makes it flow better.

ok, will do :blush:

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I have the same problem…

I have a main character who is really poor
but then I have her love interest who is a famous soccer player

does anyone have any ideas on how they should meet?

Well whats her job, personality, hobbies etc.

She spray paints in her free time but does not have any job, also I don’t want them to meet in a “love at first sight” thing.
For her personality:

Do you have a pic of the characters

yeah give me a sec.


this is the cover for the story…

Punch him/her in the face 6 times. :heart_eyes: