How should start my first episode guys

Hey Guys I wanna know how should i start my first episode. My episode is called My Hollywood Diaster
its about two teenage sisters who switch bodies and the main character has to deaal her hollywood carrer but The main character falls in love

a bit of backstory about her? introducing her to the audience?

what do you mean?

what should the backstory be about

The backstory is in fact some details about the characters

It’s not a sequel or a prequel, it’s just a biography of the character so people can understand better what kind of personality your character has, what life style he has and more personal details about the characters

I personally start my stories with an intro that makes the audience understand in what kind of situation we are in such as introducing the main character with a monologue or maybe a narrator speech that is relatable with the kind of tecnich you are going to use.

If you need any help feel free to tell me or tag me from here

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