How should the first episode end

So question should the first episode end after CC or should the episode keep going?

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This. :arrow_up:
Readers tend to get annoyed if the first chapter is only customization because the first chapter is supposed to give readers a taste of your story for free and allow them to decide on whether they want to continue spending their passes on it or not.

If you mean like adding CC at the end of the episode after story content, then I personally think episodes end better on cliffhangers or smooth foreshadowing etc rather than at the end of CC.


makes sense thank you


You’re welcome. (:


no abseloutly not, episode one is what seels your story to readers. if it only has CC the sale pitch is nothing, you dispointed the readers and they wont wanna give chapter 2 a chance.

also I advice not to add CC to the script before you are ready to publish, because its in the way when you write.


personally i wouldn’t like reading an episode that ends in cc, but you could definitely add a choice at the end if you’d like (e.g. “Would you like to customize your character or finish the chapter?”). maybe you could add cc near the beginning of the chapter? just a suggestion, good luck!

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mine is in the begining the question i ment was should it just be CC in the first chapter or should the episode keep going

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yeah i wouldnt make one chapter of customization, i’d recommend making the chapter more than just cuztomization

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