How should the mc be

so I got an idea for a story but can not figure out which mc I should make. I am about to publish another’s story and won’t publish others before it is finished. but I still wanna work on this on the side. and I got two different ideas for the mc and how she should be

it’s a fantasy story. kinda like Narnia. expect they are not going to another world

she had had a hard life. going from foster home to foster home. she is broken. and maybe suicidal. in the story, she learns to get better and love herself. and gets happy again

the second idea
she is every mean girl ever. a bully and think she is the centre of the university. in the story, she learns to be humble and change her ways of life. and becomes nice person


I think number one sounds a bit more interesting

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I think number 2, there’s not anything out there like this

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I like number 2 the other one is something that many people do

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second, the first one is too cliche

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I like the second as people do this but never for the main character. It will be interesting and will open so many possibilities and allow for major character development :slight_smile:

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