How should the mc “meet” the love interest?

main character is a guy, 32, ‘retired’ criminal but does help his pals every once in a while with robberies or heists etc.
love interest is a girl, 26, prostitute

they have met before, you can imagine how: he hired her

but I need a scenario where they ‘get to know each other’ a little. so from that point on they meet on a regular basis.

does anyone have any ideas?
any help is greatly appreciated :dizzy:

bumping because I’m desperate

I’m not sure if you already have a story premise or if you’re referring to just a single scene, but a good way for them to get to know each other is if they’re forced into a situation where they have to work together. Maybe they have to get together to pull off a heist or some elaborate scheme, or hired by someone to catch a criminal? That’s what I would do:)


I like that idea!

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I think you’ll have to reconsider this plot. This is a 13+ app, so things such as prostitution are against the guidelines.


I would have her bumping into him in a heist and they start to hit off from there,

How I would plan it out

I’d have him running away from a heist with like a ski mask on then having the MC bump into him while he’s running, he takes off his mask and the MC and him both realize they recognize each other from him hiring her, and they can start from there!


Yeah this is better, too.

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