How strict are the offensive language guidelines?

I’m currently writing on my story for the AW: -contest. And it’s my first time that I’ll publish a story.
I have some swearwords like “Jackass, bastard, idiot, disgusting, shit”
And, it’s not an excessive use of the words.

So, I wonder how strict the rules are basically. Does context matter?

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It doesn’t really matter, unless you use it too much. I didn’t know disgusting and idiot was a swear!


Idk for sure, but I hear tell that:

  • It should be limited to 5 per (scene? or per episode? idk)
  • They’re more likely to pass if they’re in an insulting context “oi, shut up, asshole” rather than a sexual context like, you know, the other context of “asshole”.
  • Beyond that, just about any cuss word can get through in moderate amounts as long as it’s not one of those very bad racial slurs, you know what they are

Disgusting is completely fine lmao, only reason you’d have to watch that is if it’s in a racist/homophobic/whatever context, and even then, as long as the bigoted character is a bad character and doesn’t get too terrible, then you should be good. :+1:


hahaha, it might not be heh…
But they’re used like " He’s such an idiot" and “You’re disgusting”. So it’s used as if it is :sweat_smile:


Thanks you!
This helped a lot, I’ve been trying to sensor my writing (I swear a lot irl, so this was a problem)
So, maybe I don’t have to sensor the words I actually wanna use, just use it moderately. :grin: