How Tall Are You?


There are threads that talk about age, so I’d thought I’d make one dedicated to height XD

You don’t have to give a response if you aren’t comfortable :smile:

P.S sorry if I made a duplicate and I hope this is in the right category…:sweat_smile:

How tall are you?

  • Short
  • Average
  • Tall

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Comment your height below ^^


I think I’m like…5’3 or like 5’4


I’m like 5’6 or something :woman_shrugging:t5:


I would tower over you if we met :heart:




Be proud of your height :wink:


:joy: right a lot of people do.


@Chocolate_Mama same!


Ayeeeeeee height twins!!!


Stop lying. :scream:


I mean 6’4


Lol when I’m near a really tall person I get nervous lol idk why :joy:


I do alot of sports to help me grow lmao


Same! Like I get lost in the sea of people at school and my bestie is like taller then me and she walks faster, and like I have to literally run after her :joy:


What type of sports you do?


No, you shouldn’t get nervous around tall people :scream: And @Chocolate_Mama my mom’s around 5’3 so she’s short and i love her a lot :heart:


Basketball, soccer, football, boxing, gymnastics, cheerleading


I’m not a tomboy!!!


Damn. I’m too lazy for all that. :face_with_head_bandage: :sneezing_face:


I like being fit