How Tall Are You?


My dad’s freaking Asian yea I come from a short family. My mom is the tallest female and she’s like 5’4 5’5


Oh wow


I’m 4’11 I think and ur only a few months older than me




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Lol, you already commented on this thread :rofl:

And yeah, there are a lot of people who are 5’3 besides Dove Cameron. My mom is that height :slightly_smiling_face:


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:fearful: Wait what!?


Oh wow, that’s a beautiful height :wink: :candy:

I’m tall too :sunglasses:

#tallisawesome #everyheightisawesome :orange_heart:


:rofl: Yeah, my mother said the same thing when my doctor said I wasn’t done growing at 14yo 6’ tall.


Yep! Every height is beautiful~

(I didn’t know there was a peppermint emoji! Why is it there? :rofl:)




Would you mind lending some of your height to this poor soul? :hugs: (not being creepy at all, ya :no_mouth:)


I probably would if I was younger when I was insecure about it, but now I’m stingy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Trust me, out of all the comments about my height I’ve heard yours doesn’t come close to being creepy)


I think I got pretty lucky in regards to my height :thinking:

I’ve always been tall but I’ve never had many people talk about it (I mean, there were a few)

Like this one time when I went to a place of worship, and I was just doing some work, and some guy came up and was just staring at me.

It was a little creepy and then he blurted out of nowhere “Do you play basketball?”


So, I said “No”

And he’s like “You should play. You’re wasting your height”

Dude, in what ways am I wasting my height?

I’d rather be doing things I’m passionate about like writing rather than spending my energy into something that doesn’t peak my interest.

Anyways, I didn’t want to be rude back, so I just walked off.

My mom’s happy I’m tall, though.

She’s been praying for me to be tall since I was born lol :rofl:


5’4. I’m really short.


I’m 5’3 even shorter… :joy:


In terms of adulthood, I’d be so short. Oof.


the average height for a woman is 5’4 you’re not short.