How the frick do gotos and labels work?

I have two options right? and I want them both to lead to the same point eventually. so after the first option dialogue, actions, etc i put:
goto hilary_leave
I also tried:
goto hilaryleave
goto label hilary_leave
And finally:
goto label hilaryleave
My second option led up to the moment anyways so where I wanted the story to pick up again I put:
label hilary_leave
I also tried:
label hilaryleave

I did also try putting a goto after the second option and that didn’t work either. Nothing I’ve googled has helped. Anyone have an explanation?

Check this out:


Check this out:

If you write, goto hilary_leave, then the label must be hilary_leave
The labels correspond with the gotos
(P.S you can have more than one goto, but only ONE label)
goto hilary_leave
label hilary_leave

Oh aha. I did see that article already and sadly I’m a blubbering idiot who needs things to be explained in baby language. Since it didn’t explain the two option one scenerio thing I’ve got going on I just got more confused. Thanks anyways

Generic example:

[Scene 1 here]
goto hilary_leave

[Scene 2 here]
goto hilary_leave

label hilary_leave
[Story merges back here, write anything you want]

Also, don’t call yourself that! When we first start, things are hard, but with practice it gets better.
Believe me when I started, I was really bad :sweat_smile:

It just says the label doesn’t exist? :frowning:

If it says that, it means you don’t have a goto for it : )

I have one that says “goto HILARY_LEAVE”
And another that says “label HILARY_LEAVE”

Hi, may you please provide a sample? What you wrote is fine, so I can’t really spot an error : )

sorry it took me a hot minute to figure out screenshot

For the last part down below, do this instead:

@HILLARY face right

HILLARY (talk_angry)

Come on girls, we’re leaving.



@HILLARY exits right

unexpected block end did you forget the {which goes with this}, or did you forget to put the word choice at the start of this choice.

when I gave that a try this is the error that popped up

Hi, how many choices do you have? I assumed you had only two : )

yeah I do only have two

Could you please show what your script is saying now? You can PM me, too and I will do my hardest to test out what’s wrong and fix it!

i got it now thank you so much there was just one of these } at the bottom of the page messing things up.