How the heck do i fix this sad little prob?

Ok so my characters are doing their animations one at a time and they all pop on the screen randomly… how the heck do i get them to be on the screen doing the animations already when the scene opens.

Use the & sign instead of @ :blush:


ahhh thanks babe!

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No problem :blush:

I just say @CHARACTER1 is idle_happy AND CHARACTER2 is idle_sad or something like that.

Read this:


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I know about this, but if she wants to have 2 character do an animation t the same time I find it simpler to just put the sentence together.

Both are simple, not one is simpler than the other ^^

The benefits of using method 1 over method 2 (both of these methods mentioned above) is that if you have way more than 2 characters, it can become kinda complicated because then the line becomes pretty long lol :rofl:

Using & with so many characters would totally save one line from being super packed.

Ya that’s true. I am just more used to the one I said so it is simpler to me. I normally only do 2 on one line lol!

Yeah, you’re right, whichever code someone uses will be easier for them :sunglasses:

I too am comfortable with AND and have used it a lot : )

I didn’t even know much about & when I began directing. Oh man, how time has flew by :laughing:

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