How to add 2 speech bubbles

Like this

@Farah_DeSantis I guess it was made by you please can you tell me how do you do it ?:heart:

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The second speech bubble is actually an overlay xx

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Yeah I know but from where can I get this speech bubble and how to animate it?

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Uhm you have to code a scene where you write text that you want the speech bubble to say (idk how to explain it), then screenshot the scene on your phone. Then cut out the speechbubble and upload it on the portal… And as for animating it: There are several guides on how to animate an overlay x


yes its my story.:rofl: As was already explained I first made one of them say it

made printscreen and then cutted the preachbubble out and uploaded it as an overlay.

Then I deleted the one speakind.
Let the other speak and added the ocerlay for the first one.

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