How to add a glass of water to a character

I was trying to add a glass of water to my character but there is no props for a glass of water.

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Yeah there isn’t a glass of water prop, although I would love that! the only other way is using overlays and lots of coding!

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Hi @_Ella_episode

If there is no props for glass of water for character to use . Then you should search glass of water png and there are water for character as you have to upload it in art catalog and then when it approve then just go in props and you have search name and tap on it and then it add to character so you have to put props code is
@add props name to character

The props name is were you put prop name at to plot in and character is were you have to place character name so the props script can work

@remove props name from character

To remove props you have to put props name that is in your props that was approve and for character is same thing repeat is put character name that is taken part in story

But episode community is still uploading props so there may be glass of water coming soon

I don’t think you can put an overlay as a “prop” meaning it won’t stick to the character unless you somehow code it!

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that is reason you should code it to make it stay put at character even through it not props you have to code it in because their are no props of water so the character can use to drink from @Marysol.Episode but i unterstand what you are saying but if @_Ella_episode is going upload it in art catalog she have to use overlay helper to spot it at character and when she finished it should scale down so it not all in scene but overlay is easy to code in but if it was props in episode community it be easy. either which way she choose from will still work because character have spot in scene she use in background . But your correct @Marysol.Episode but still she can use any coding for character to do action

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I just use Tumbler Glass Empty Glass Clear and pretend there’s water in it :smiley: