How to add and delete overlays and props in the middle of a story?

Please help

To add:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create**
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1

To remove:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME clear

@add Prop Name to CHARACTER
@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER

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you can also make them invisible
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0

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I tried, but it’s putting the props from the beginning of the story

what I do is add in the fist line at the top of my script (afther the background of course ) @remove Prop Name from CHAR then it won’t stay

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I want ot to be visible after line 5
How to do it?

the prop?

@remove Prop Name from CHAR
text you want to add
@add Prop Name to CHAR

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I will try

Did it work? If not screenshot your script.

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