How to add blue veins in middle of the scene?

Hey everyone. I am currently working on my vampire story but I am facing a huge problem in adding ‘BLUE VEINS’ in middle of the scene. I know I can add them from outfit corner but the problem is I don’t know which dress the readers would choose, so can anyone out here have any better idea? I have seen many stories where they have used frequent BLUE VEINS but I don’t know how to use them. I hope anyone can help me out in this.

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You need to duplicate the outfits and add the blue veins, then use if/elif/else code to remember which outfit the reader chose.


Thankyou so much… I hope this works for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey, I did the same and it worked but as I have given choices to the reader I used remember choices to change into blue vein outfits but on next episode I wanted to change back to without blue veins outfit… Can you tell me how to do it?

With the exact code, you just need to change the outfit name to the outfit without the blue veins.

I didn’t get it… Can you elaborate? DO I have to add choice again or what?
This is my coding on 2nd episode to change back into normal outfit but it’s not working, I think because it’s somehow wrong but I don’t know how to fix this.

if (outfit is “BLUE_VEINS”){


}elif (outfit is “BLUE_VEINS_3”){

@DESIRE changes into Desireparty1

elif (outfit is “BLUE_VEINS_2”){

@DESIRE changes into DESIRE_RED

}elif (outfit is “BLUE_VEINS_4”){

@DESIRE changes into Dparty2

}elif (outfit is “BLUE_VEINS_1”){



The last option should be else.
Are you testing it on your web previewer? The web previewer does not remember the choice from the previous episode. So you’d need to test your story in the app to see if it works.

I am checking it on android… To use remember choices we need to give choices a name like choice “outfit”, Do I need to do same with this script too?

Your dressing code on your 1st episode should look something like this:

choice (outfit)

Make sure the choice name and the choice options are named correctly. Remember to play it through the 1st episode till the part where the remembering choice is.

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