HOW TO: Add Bonus Scenes To Your Story

Today’s tutorial will cover how to let the reader see a bonus scene depending on a choice they made in the past. You can do this in three different ways, the points system, gains, and if/elif/else.

Method One: The Points System

When you code the choice that determines if the reader can see the bonus scene or not, create a new character and give them points. Like this:

“Option 1 (BONUS SCENE)”{
}“Option 2 (NO BONUS SCENE)”{


  • The choice with (BONUS SCENE) is the choice that gives the reader access to the bonus scene and the other one with (NO BONUS SCENE) is the one that will NOT give the reader access.
  • BONUSSCENE1 is the character which you created to manage the points for this bonus system.
    • If you want to create another bonus scene, DON’T use the same character as it will mess up the points. You can create a new one called BONUSSCENE2.
      • If you want to use the same character again, make sure to use the command @BONUSSCENE1 = 0 to reset the points and make sure nothing is messed up.
  • Yes, you can code other things in the choices. Just make sure to add the command @BONUSSCENE1 +1 anywhere in that choice.
    • Keep in mind that you DON’T need to add the command #nobonus in the (NO BONUS SCENE) choice, you could completely leave it out and it’ll work just the same.

Then when you’re coding the bonus scene, add this code:

if (BONUSSCENE1 = 1) {
} else {


  • Where it says #bonusscene, you code the bonus scene that the reader unlocked by picking the (BONUS SCENE) choice in the past.
    • And where it says #continue, you jusy continue on with no bonus scene because the reader picked the (NO BONUS SCENE) in the past.
  • It isn’t at all necessary to include the hashtags (#) since they count as author’s notes and won’t be visible in the story either way.

Method Two: Gains

When you’re coding the choice that determines whether or not the reader will be granted access to the upcoming bonus scene, add a gain inside the choice that gives them access, like this:

“Option 1 (BONUS SCENE)”{
gain bonus_scene1
}"Option 1 (NO BONUS SCENE){


  • The option that has (BONUS SCENE) is the option that gives the reader access to the bonus scene.
    • The option that has (NO BONUS SCENE) is the option that will NOT give the reader access.
  • The gain bonus_scene1 is the key to makinh this work and it MUST be added in the choice that gives the reader access.
    • If you want to add another bonus scene later on with another choice, DON’T use the same gain as it will mess up future bonus scenes.
      • There’s no exeptions this time. Since you can’t reset gains, you HAVE to create another one called bonus_scene2 or something different than the first one.
  • Of course, the #nobonus is not necessary for this to work. It’ll work either way.

When you’re coding the bonus scene, add this:

if (bonus_scene1) {
} else {


  • As always, don’t include the hashtags (#addbonus and #continue), just replace those. You could also include them, but it doesn’t make a difference either way.
    • Where it says #addbonus, you can code your bonus scene!
      • Where it says #continue, you can continue the story without the bonus scene.

Method Three: If/Elif/Else

This is probably the easiest method out of the three. When the reader has to pick between the choice that will grant them access and the choice that won’t, just name the choice and that’s it! Like this:

choice (BONUS1)


  • The name of the choice is (BONUS1). You HAVE to use it or it won’t work.
    • Keep in mind that you can name it whatever you want, as long as it’s in all capital letters, in parentheses and next to the word choice.
  • Remember that if you want to add more bonus scenes with different choices later, use something else for the choice’s name.
    • But if you want to do more bonus scenes from the SAME choice (BONUS1), you won’t have to make a new choice.
  • As always, no, the hashtags (#option1 and #option2) aren’t necessary. Add your own code and the outcomes of the choices in their place!

So when it’s time to code the bonus scene, add this:

} else {


  • BONUS1 is the choice name and BONUS SCENE is the option which gave the reader access to the bonus scene.
  • In the place of #bonusscene, put the code for the bonus scene.
    • In the place of #nobonus, continue the story with no bonus scene.

OK, so that’s pretty much it! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding bonus scenes and I’ll try my best to answer them! Also if you get any errors please tell me with this code please tell me and I’ll try to help you!

Tutorial By: MissRuby :black_heart:


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