How to add "design your own character" to your own episode. How?

Can anyone tell me how to add a “design your own character” to episode.

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You just need to make a base character then add a customization template. The template can either be found on the side of the writing portal under templates, or some authors have more detailed ones on their Google Drive.

You need a customization template. Ink has default ones in the script templates, but if you are using LimeLight you need one of your own. Some people can make them (I make them for myself) maybe someone can make you one, if not, use Ink’s templates.

if you get someone’s else’s template, mark the template’s character’s name, then press control+ H, a small window will open, and you will be able to switch the template’s character’s name with your character’s name.

And you’ll obviously need a character to customize. I suggest making a look for the character that readers can keep if they want. Using a basic character for customization just makes it look like you don’t put any effort into it…

I have Ink templates on my help page in the link in my bio, I will be adding a LimeLight one soon also. My page is called @epyassist :slight_smile:. There are also other people on Instagram with customisation templates as well and you might also be able to find someone on here with ones, just type it in the search bar on here if you prefer to find one that way :purple_heart:. @London15

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