How to add disclaimers and story cover before the actual episode starts?


So this might be a really dumb question but I’m a beginner so go easy on me… How do you add those sound disclaimers and nice story covers with music before your actual episode starts? Thanks a lot in advance :blush:


You’ll have to make a cover & a splash


what’s a splash, and once I’ve made them both, how do I add it in?


A splash is like this:

And you’ll have to go on the art catalog on episode interactive & add it in. I’ll make them for you if you wan’t


Once you have them, you’ll have to wait for them to be reviewed.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


No problem!


Thanks for your help, that really cleared things up. And I would actually love for you to make them for me, if you can!! Here is a photo of my main character !!

In case you need some background on my story it’s about an epic battle between two feuding Kingdoms in ancient India :blush: tysm for all ur help again!


Is this a cover or a splash that I’m doing?


A splash plz :slight_smile:


Ok, what pose?


I’d love it if you could have her singing with like music notes around her or something !! thanks again!!


Ok. It should be done in a few days


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Here you go! Any changes?


OMG this is perfect I can’t thank you enough!! :blush: :heart:


You welcome!


Oh, don’t forget to credit her at xMajestix.Myax That’s My insta


Awesome, I will dw :slight_smile: