How to add Flags in a story?

Hey there I’m writting a story and want to add flags like : congrats you earn a bonus content from the other world.
I search from the guide on episode but I don’t find anything about flags ? how can I add flag and use the command correctly ?


I’m not completely sure what you mean. Do you want a pop-up from the top of the screen? Use:

readerMessage Congrats you earn a bonus content from the other world.

If you want actual flags, gains, I’m pretty sure they’re in the guides. But of they’re not, I can help you if you want.


its absolutly that I’m sorry that I can’t explain myself well in english because it isn’t my native language.

so what is the difference between the pop up and the flags gains ?

can i add a time duration for the pop up ?

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It’s totally fine, me neither and I know the struggle.

A pop up is the white rectangle with text that appears on top of the screen. Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots so I can’t show you.

A gain flag identifies the story and is important for choices to affect the story. Let’s say you have an important choice.

Should I move to America? 
"Yes" {
gain America
} "No" {

Later in the story, when this comes into considering:

If (America) {
I love it here in America! 
} else {
I love it here in England! 


I hope you understand, if you don’t, I’ll be glad to help!

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ok no problem :slight_smile: thanks so much ! I can add a time variation to a pop up ? beacause I think it’s to short it dissapear to quickly :cry:

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No, as far as I know, no. But you could make two messages, one after another?

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Yeah I will do that thank you so much :wink:

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