How to add outfit accessories on script?

So, I unexpectedly came back after a few years of hiatus from Episode Writer Portal, and I kind of forgot how to write the codes for adding, for example, a pair of glasses on my main character. I looked up into this forum for it and tried to type down their suggestive codes and it didn’t work. I’m using limelight BTW.

Hair- @CHAR changes hair into _____
lipstick- @CHAR changes mouthColor into ____
@CHAR changes outfit into_____

Anything else?

I know these, but… How about accessories?

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you have to create the same exact outfit with the accesories you want and use the code
@CHAR changes outfit into (the new outfit with accesories) during the scene


Dang, alright. I thought there was a code for adding the accessories. Thank you!

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You can’t, unfortunately, you have to create a whole new outfit :confused::heart:

Welp :woozy_face:

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