How to add points to multiple love interests

Hello! I’m new here and I’m having trouble (I’m also confused on the whole concept as well) on how to use the point systems currently I’m thinking about adding 4 love interests to my story but it’s confusing on how to add points to certain type of characters for example in my first scene with my first love interest he accidently knocks the mc over and he’s very sorry and apologetic he is offering the mc help to get up and she has the option to accept or refuse the offer if she accepts I want a point to be added for that love interest and if she declines I don’t think I want anything to happen (so no points will be taken away) after I do all of that how does it work with having multiple love interest I’ve watched videos but I still don’t understand on how it works please help. Thank you!


To add (or subtract) points to a certain character, the code is really simple


You can also reset the character points to a certain amount


In the scenario you described, it would be something like this

What do you want to do?

“Accept” {
@LI +1

Thank you!

} “Decline” {

I’m good.



Thank you so much! so for multiple LI I just add the name of each LI? Do i need to add the code “gain” or does it not matter? And at the end of each episode how do i show readers points the points of each LI (I am so sorry for asking so many questions :smiling_face_with_tear: ) now for my last question (hopefully) for friends how do i add points to them? is it the same concept as before or is it different since its friendship points and not love points?

Points are simply that - points. It’s you that will decide what meaning to give them.

For multiple LI it all depends on their script name. Example:

@AB +1
@CD +1

Gains are all another thing! Once the reader gains one, they cannot lose it, and it’s harder to count them at the end, so for love/friendship it’s way better to use points

To show the points at the end there are two ways:
You either write a code with every possible number of points, such as

if (LI = 0) {
You have 0 points.
} elif (LI = 1) {
You have 1 point.
} elif (LI = 2) {
You have 2 points.

Or you use the “trick” explained in this thread

If you have other questions, you can dm me ^^


Thank you so much you are absolutely amazing!! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: this has helped me a lot :smiling_face:

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I hope this helps since you’re adding points and will ultimately be branching them at some point (I hope lol but no pressure). Good luck with your story!

I’m really confused now :,D

I hope that made it more clear for you. Obv you can alter the names to match your love interests’ names haha.

If it is still confusing, you could use Dara’s coding as a template or reference for when the times comes that you may actually start branching your story if you choose to (if you want readers to have scenes with their favorite LI) and like I said earlier, substitute the names.

Thank you so much!! I appreciate all your help :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:
this definitely helped as I was wondering how i was going to do this, you’re the best!

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No problem, I’m always happy to help!

I saw that they already helped you but in case you still have problems or doubts this video can help you!

And in this video also in case you don’t understand the language just by watching it also helps.:relaxed: