How to add special art scenes?

I NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN MAKE SPECIAL ART SEASONS ,PLS HELP ME OUT !! I also wan to know how to add those scenes in the story ,like how does this thing work ,this is my first story so …pls tell me !! I don’t know !! I also want to know how u can give readers the option to write in their own name for the mc !!pls tell me if u know !!:disappointed::no_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:


Idk the MC thing but you ask for some artist to make you art scenes if you dont know how to make one and then you credit them in your story. As for how to use them once they are made you upload it as your background in writers portal and use it like a background!

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Its simple to add art scenes or any background for that matter. The art scene or any other bg (background) should be of particular size as given in the portal i.e 640*1136. or larger. Now when you have a bg that you want to use, you go to the portal and go to the art catalog section. there you will see an option of uploading your own bg in and when you click on it page will open where there will be an option to select the bg you want to upload and then select the zone size you want bg to have then name it. and click ok and it will be uploaded.

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the bg takes a few days to get approved and then you can use it once it is approved by episode.

if you need art scenes, I can help as I make them. You can also check my insta @shona_episode for examples.

Read this! Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

Do you still need art scenes

Hai there… @MElsa my story have a lot of art scene inside it. If you want to know what art scene can do… you can read my story (The Black Prince). I use comic art style. If you want to know, you can directly ask me🙂

yep !! I need them ,can u make it ??

so can u make art scenes ??

Yup I can make art scene (anime) but I’m not do request sorry. I only can tell how art scene can work in story in diffent ways.

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:sweat::sweat_smile::kissing_closed_eyes:sry ,kay!!

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Hi I can do anime and episode if you still need I can make art scenes


I’m sorry I don’t know how to make good art scenes :sweat:

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