How to add your custom tapple text bubble overlays?

I see some people do this in their stories and I really wanted to know lol but how do authors put their own text bubble overlays and then you tap to continue to read.

in terms of adding your custom overlays go to art catalog on web portal and just select your image that you downloaded or made.

Use this guide for tappable overlays, im sure there’s also a forum version on here.

For your case on tapping to continue to read, within the tappable text either do a goto flag (with a label flag) or input the dialogue text in there for your characters.
If you need help with gotos and labels, heres a guide as well

You can find other helpful guides from Dara:


Ik how to do tapple overlays I just want to know how to like tap the screen and not the overlay to continue

you can put
} else {

to make it so they tap the screen or the overlay to continue. If you perhaps wanted it to just continue if they don’t tap anything in a certain time, put

tappable [timed:x]
} “else” {

If you have no overlay and just want the screen, you could just do the first one and position a random overlay off the screen so that it still works but they can’t tap it anyway, so they just tap the screen.



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You can do this trick:



@zoom reset

@speechbubble is 160 237 to 0%

Tap to continue.


@speechbubble reset

Welcome to…

*Basically you set the bubble’s scale to 0% so it’s hidden and when the reader taps the screen, it moves onto whatever is next (in my example, the new background). Don’t forget to reset speechbubble or no bubble appears at all, yikes! Also, no overlay required.

Sorry for typos, I’m not feeling well : /

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