How to animate a waterfall?

I need it on this pic , but I want the water to be running not just a pic.

you can use a gif of waterfall over that (if that makes sense :sweat_smile:)

How to add gif to script?

Here’s a thread which will explain easily :smile:

Thank you I will try it.:purple_heart:

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I don’t understand how to split my GIF to separate PNG images I don’t understand what to do in site

Here’s how to do it!

  • Open the website mentioned in that thread.

  • if you have a gif downloaded, upload it on the site and then click on ‘upload’ option below

  • In the next page, in the split options, change it to ‘Output images in PNG format’
    It should look like this:


Download the images and you’re done!
Just make sure the images are in correct order and name them accordingly :blush:

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That’s what appears to me…

Do I have to do it on pc?

if you have the gif in your phone, upload it by clicking on choose file option

Then I click upload right?


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Closed: Thread marked as solved by Op @Maria.Ria. Thanks all! :v: