How to animate mouth

hey guys I am curious how people animate lips when animating a person with already an overlay in use? just curious I seen some episode using it in INK not sure in limelight but genuinely want to know how they use it?

I think Georgia Sanders actually showed a quick tutorial at some point in the past(?). For memory, I think she said she records the character talking and then chooses whichever frames she wants from the videos and turns the mouths (3-4 different mouth movements) into overlays and then adds them to her script and uses either the layering commands to switch them up or the opacity commands. I can’t remember which but I think either method should work fine.

There’s also a thread on it by a different user but I haven’t perused it in detail, it might help though? :arrow_down:
Moving Mouth Overlays


Thank you!

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No worries! Good luck with it, I hope it works for you if you ever decide to try it with your own story. c:

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lol just curious and maybe I will

I hope my thread helped you :heart:

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