How to avoid writers block?

Apologies to the admins, as this isnt something that does with directing help & all, I truly dont know where to post this.

I’m asking EVERY author, big or small, how do you overcome writers block?

If you type in the search bar “writers block” a few threads will pop up, so you can read it what is helping other people.

I personally listen to the music and read stories, also sometimes I just need a break from writing :slight_smile:


I can’t say I get writer’s block often because I always know my ending. But sometimes I struggle with the middle. Which is usually because I give a major choice that will change the whole episode…
For example a choice between going out or staying in. I usually know what I want to happen in one branch, but not the other. So sometimes writing out the 1000 lines needed for one branch, then gives me an idea for the other one.
For times when I actually get writer’s block, I’m lucky that it only happens with stories I haven’t published yet, so I just switch to a story I know I have an idea for and come back to that one weeks or even months later, depends when I get inspired again.

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