HOW TO: Basics of Instagram

This is valid as of Saturday, Jan 26th, 2019

I wanted to make this tutorial for people who may be new to Instagram. Well it’s easy to navigate (what I mean by this is that you catch on quick) I thought about doing it anyway.

Anyways, time to begin!

The Basics:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

The IG Story:

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Other things to note!

Click for Tips

When you go to check out your expired stories and archived posts (posts that you don’t want to appear on your main IG page anymore but you don’t want to delete them either) there’s an option above to go back and forth between the two.

When you edit your caption under the photo, it tells others it’s edited. You can also edit your post to tag more people.

In DM, you can send each other gifs (click the plus sign near the area where you chat and send each other a message), red hearts, pictures and story shout outs, plus other cool stuff. Double tap to like someone’s message or story in PM or click the heart below if there is one.

You will also get requests from people above and you can decide whether to accept or decline them If they’ve been there for a long time, they vanish.

If you go to someone’s profile, tap the three vertical dots next to their username at the top and it gives you options like block, report, mute, hide your story and other stuff. You can hide and unhide your story as much as you wish and do other stuff.

Also, when viewing your story, you can see who viewed it, put it into your highlights or press the more option where you’ll get stuff like share as post, story settings, etc.

Hope this helps!

I might be adding more soon ^^


I’ll be putting tips in the comment section as well and feel free to ask questions.

Another thing I should say.

If you want to remove someone from your followers list, make your account on private, go to your list, remove them, then put your account back on public.


Another tip!

Feel free to create a:


Where you can put your story links if you have more than 1 so people can click on it :smiley:



More tips to come! :heart:


Thank you!

NP! :heart:

Ha ha ha ha thank you


Quick question Jem!: what would happen if you’re making an episode Insta account as a business account? Is it better to make it a regular?

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So what # do you suggest Jem? Do you think they’re important to include in posts or can we get by without them?

Also, is there a way to make comments appear in order, I find it’s all muddled up… Maybe it goes by Top comments instead of chronological order?


The comments are by who you follow, mutuals, top comments, I think.

You could use: #episode #episodecreators #episodeinteractive #episodeinteractiveapp #episodechooseyourstory #episodelimelight #episodeink on and on :crazy_face:


So basically #episodeanything? :rofl:

Is there a way to change it to chronological?


Will be bookmarking this, have an episode ig account just sitting there.
But do you suggest us making out IG accounts as business pages or regular pages?


Yes, anything :crazy_face:

I don’t think there is, not that I know of at least.


Right then. If that’s the case, deactivating it right now. I NEED STRUCTURE


Wow thanks so much, now I don’t have to feel like a total idiot using Instagram :sweat_smile:


OK, so when you go to your settings, there is something that says “comment controls” (under Privacy and Security) click on that and you can change stuff around like who comments on your posts and whether or not to filter certain words.

Another thing, at the top of the picture(s) you posted, you’ll see three vertical dots. If you click on them, you can turn off commenting, edit, delete, archive your post and do other stuff.

Also, Instagram does have updates it rolls out. So, there’s always going to be changes (I’ve noticed a lot) and some people may have features that you don’t have yet but will probably get soon (or probably not lol).


@ELx gave really amazing hashtags, sometimes you can refer to peoples’ posts and find hashtags to use, or/and go back to your previous posts, copy those hashtags and use them for your other pic(s) :rofl:

#episodelife #episodeapp , the ones she mentioned and many more like #episodecommunity…some people can even create their own hashtags like #amberoserecommends and heck, you can even let people know if they use that hashtag you will notice their post. This is a good idea when you’re doing contests. Ask people to use a hashtag (their account needs to be on public) so you can come across their posts and lucky winners can be chosen.

But yeah, including episode in anything is a good idea. You can also include non episode hashtags as well though. But if you’re part of the Episode Insta Community, Episode hashtags are pretty common.

And you don’t need to add them, it just means your post reaches a wider audience. You can even follow hashtags! And you can even tag Episode themselves so more people see your post.

My friend made an edit, tagged Episode and they noticed the post, and ended up following her :rofl:

#noticemeepisode is a hashtag that a lot of editors use :art:

As of now, I don’t have the option to put comments in a specific order :thinking:


OOh, really? How? I think I might make some related to my story only because I don’t care about other people I am obsessed with myself. Amazing what I decide to cross out and what I decide to leave, huh?


@ParkLow_G and @lexiplaysepisode

When it comes to a business account vs a regular one:

What I prefer - regular because I’m more used to.

Wen you switch to a business account, it tells you that you will get insights, promotions, and see how your posts are doing, your e-mail will be added to your main page so people can contact you. So, when you decide to become a business account, you choose a category for your business profile, your e-mail address you want to use for your business. A Facebook page is created for you that you can claim at any time.

Click this to see what a business account looks like

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

Click promotions to promote your post(s), click edit profile to check out your details. Here, you can change your category. So select a category (ex. Books and Magazines), then select a subcategory (ex. Publisher)

Another example. Select a category (Television) then select a subcategory (writer)

Writer, Publisher, etc. will appear on your main IG page.

Also as mentioned before, you have the option to claim a Facebook page. You don’t have to.

If you go your insights, you can check out stuff like activity, content, audience (so you can see stuff like how many people visited your profile, clicked your website url and so much more)

You can also switch back to a personal account any time but you lose these insights and promotions. Switch between a business and personal as much as you like ^^


Yes, you can follow hashtags you created as well, Queen :kissing_cat:


Also, nah, you’re super kind, we all know you are very awesome best friend, how can you be all about yourself when you help out so many people? You rule this Forum sis, but you do care about others as well, you’re a great listener and anybody would be lucky to have you in their life, I’m so freaking lucky :heart_eyes_cat: :kissing_cat: