How to be a Princess !- what are all the 8 endings

Guys hit me up with what you all have experienced so far from reading how to be a Princess . I will be glad to know all the endings

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1# ending - Quinn becomes the queen , blade forgives her but refuses to be her king while Quinn refuses to stay back with blade . After that Quinn ends up with Keith ruling alasoria together as the king n queen.

8# the worst possible ending one could get - Quinn isn’t forgiven by blade n she’s not the queen (Eulalia becomes the queen) and Keith invites Quinn to his wedding at the last Quinn lives in a small cabin

Note : if u chose hetero branch 2 of the LI will be guys if u chose to be a lesbian then both of them will be girls and if u chose to be bi blade will be a guy n second LI will be kensa

So here comes the 2# ending where Quinn ends up alone but being a queen , not so bad of an ending I guess

3# blade doesn’t forgive Quinn but she does end up being a queen n is married to Keith

4# in this also Quinn ends up being the queen but blade doesn’t forgive her here unlike ending#2 and Keith marries someone else in this too

5# here is where the real happy ending is , well atleast according to me - Quinn runs away with blade and she ends up in a small cabin being pregnant with her 1st child

6# this is where blade doesn’t forgive Quinn and she doesn’t ends up being the queen but she sure becomes lady Blackmer as Keith n her get married

7# this is where Quinn is rejected by both blade n Keith n she’s happy to give up the throne as she loves traveling the world and that’s what she does n ends up in a small cabin again

So there’s also this hilarious ending 9# where Quinn ends up with the gardener when both of the others reject Quinn it’s pure laughter :joy::joy:

I think I got ending 6 lol. I was more into Kensa (I played the lesbian option) than Blade.


Kensa was way too good for Quinn tbh

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I never understood the hype around Blade, Kensa has my damn heart

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I could relate to Blade’s distrust of “fancy people” on some level, but the whole ~I’m edgy and mysterious and need to be emotionally repressed~ isn’t really my thing. Kensa is so sweet and earnest that I kind of feel bad for her for falling in love with Quinn lol because she just deserved a lot better.

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Agreed! If I got with Kensa, many people (including Quinn) consider that a fail. No, my heart was with Kensa the whole time <3

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I agree !